SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 29, 2015)

Self-Made Marketing Group is an East Bay San Francisco based marketing and advertising firm. Working with some of the largest clients in the country ranging from home entertainment, consumer electronics and the biggest retailers, SMMG is growing. With new clients and accounts on the horizon, Self-Made Marketing Group is looking to develop leaders from within to help assist with their clients' needs.

Self-Made Marketing Group has a firm philosophy of developing management ability from within for their best and brightest candidates. Their training program molds entry level or prospects new to the industry into experts in the behind the scenes management that is needed to make Self-Made Marketing thrive. Their manager Flosusm Smith, from Staten Island, New York grew up playing football, basketball and running track. Flosusm went to Gordon State College for a degree in Mass Communications, but ended up moving from Atlanta, GA to Columbus, OH for a new opportunity to make money fresh out of college. Flosusm started with the company and within 6 weeks was promoted into a Corporate Trainer position. 6 months later he was hand selected to work with the newest Fortune 100 client and became a Market Manager in November of 2012 when he moved to Minneapolis, MN. He then expanded the company into a new market moving to San Diego, CA and then most recently to the San Francisco Bay Area. Being chosen on multiple occasions to speak to the rest of the nation, Flosusm is excited about the New Year and the new clients on the horizon.

Self-Made Marketing Group utilizes its Manager in Training position to give their top team members the opportunity to help Fortune 100 clients expand nationwide. When asked about the training, Flosusm stated, "The manager in training position helps develop work ethic, student mentality, attitude and expanding comfort zones. They learn how to teach, train and develop others while learning managerial skills. Not only do they gain experience, but they get to work with Fortune 100 clients." Being motivated by financial freedom and opening up a restaurant in Atlanta for his mom and aunt who have a passion for cooking great food, Flosusm is excited about the direction Self-Made Marketing is going.

Expanding twice in 2013, and four more times in 2014, Self-Made Marketing has a projected goal of 7 new markets this year alone. With their new partnership established one can expect to see big things this year from SMMG. From management and leadership conferences both nationally and regionally to their vacation summit trip to celebrate hard work, Self-Made Marketing is excited and motivated to be in the Bay Area and continuing to create rapid growth opportunities for current and potential employees!

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