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San Francisco, Dec. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Self Made Marketing Group, of the San Francisco Bay area, has announced their newest expansion into Greenville, South Carolina at the end of November. Director Flosusm Smith spearheads a remarkable year of growth and productivity in 2016, and has great expectations for 2017.

Smith, along with his Assistant Manager Derek Angodung, plans to open the Greenville market for business by December 9th. Mr. Smith explains, “Our client’s need for representation in the Greenville area was so prevalent that it became our top priority. I had no doubt that Derek, who had already proved his consistency and leadership abilities over the last seven months, was the right individual to lead the expansion.”

Derek, originally from the Philippines, sought out the ‘American Dream’ and had huge goals for himself, and the business. “Business management has always been a passion of mine. I dreamed to one day manage a marketing and sales force, and Self Made Marketing Group truly gave me the skills that I needed to be undeniably successful,” says Derek. He goes on to say, “I am incredibly grateful for the training and mentorship that I received here.”

As the expansion proceeds, the organization currently oversees 11 locations throughout the United States, and only plans to increase that number moving forward. “We have seven locations in California, two in Oregon, and one in Wisconsin. The office in South Carolina marks our first expansion into the East Coast,” says Smith.

Because of their client’s increased demand, coupled with the companies’ consistent productivity throughout the country, Self Made Marketing Group has doubled in size in 2016 and is showing no signs of slowing down. Projections depict the company will end the year with 14 locations throughout the country. This means that the company has three more expansions projected to be finalized by the end of January 2017.

When asked what the driving force behind the explosive year for Self Made Marketing Group has been, Smith explains, “The correlation of setting goals and having a vision of what needs to be done has been the ultimate catalyst. The associates, and future business owners, of Self Made Marketing have taken hold of their own destinies and continue to push forward at every turn.”

Smith believes when great success is achieved, the best way to celebrate is to give back. Self Made Marketing Group has opened its doors to charities across the Bay Area. Doubling as a barbershop business owner, Smith held a Turkey Drive just before Thanksgiving at his shop in San Francisco. The company plans to do several community events for the less fortunate in the area as the holiday season approaches, and moving forward.

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